Protein powder is a powdered form of protein. Protein is made up of amino acids, which play a key role in many of the processes that take place in your body. Protein is the building block of muscle, and if you do not consume enough of it, your hours in the gym are wasted and you may actually risk losing muscle mass. Not everyone gets enough protein through their diet and therefore they take a dietary supplement in the form of protein powder.

There are many myths about protein powder, and many are of the opinion that protein powder has an isolated "effect". Protein powder has no magic effect, which in isolation ensures that you suddenly build a lot of muscle mass. Protein powder is a dietary supplement just like a vitamin pill and should therefore be seen as a supplement.

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In a few years, protein powder has become one of the most popular dietary supplements for exercise enthusiasts at all levels, and the demand is increasing to that extent.

In the past, protein powder was exclusively associated with bodybuilding and strength training.

Today, the protein supplement is used by both hospitals and elderly people who need an extra dietary supplement.

At Nordic Nutrition we believe in being your healthy lifestyle companion, thus we only sell protein powder produced by the Danish brand Bodylab.

Bodylab is known for it’s superior and excellent quality and the production takes place exclusively in Denmark. You are guaranteed the highest quality when you buy protein powder from Bodylab.


What does protein powder do?

Protein powder helps you meet your daily protein needs. Protein powder is a dietary supplement just like vitamin pills. Too little protein can lead to loss of muscle mass, and therefore it can be good to supplement the protein you get through the diet with protein powder. Protein powder thus helps you build muscle mass.

When to use protein powder?

It is not written in stone when to take your protein powder. However, it is recommended that you drink your protein powder in connection with exercise. Many people think that it should be drunk right after exercise, but studies show that the effect is just as good if you take it just before exercise as if you take it after exercise.

Is protein powder dangerous?

No. Not with a normal regular intake. Everything is dangerous if your intake is high enough. With a standard intake of protein you have nothing to worry about! Only that you'll get bigger guns 😉💪🏽