Home training is an excellent option if you're short on time, don't have access to a gym, are on vacation, or aren't comfortable going to a public gym.

It requires no equipment and assists you in maintaining your fitness.

Workout 1:

5 minutes active warmup

2 rounds:
1 minute straight-arm plank
30 Jumping Jacks

4 rounds as fast as possible:
10 push-ups 

10 squats (hands behind head)
10 burpees
30 seconds wall sit 

Workout 2:

5 minutes active warmup

3 rounds of 15 reps x each exercise

Perform all 8 exercises in the circuit x 3 times

Rest 1 minute after each round.

1 Sumo squat 

2 Shoulder taps (15 on each arm)

3 Alternating lunges (15 on each leg)

4 Dips 

5 Sit-ups 

6 Push-ups 

7 Split squat (15 on each leg) 

8 Mountain climbers


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