As the name implies, full-body workout training involves exercising your entire body in every workout. The benefit is that we train each muscle group more frequently, and if your goal is to grow muscle mass and not only maintain it, you need to exercise 2-3 times per week, which is why the full-body workout is so important.

8 minutes warmup (cardiovascular)

A. Benchpress

1 x empty bar 

1 x warm up 6-8 reps 

3 x hard working sets 5-7 reps 

1 x back off set 12 reps 

B. Lat Pulldown

Pull bar to below chin, upright position for a full lat contraction at the bottom

2 x 15 with full stretch into hard hold on the contraction

1 x 12 with increased weight

1 set with triple drop 8, 8, 8

C. Standing Side Laterals 

5 x 10-12 sets increase as you go 

focus on very good form

D. Leg Press 

1 x 10 super slow 

3 x 8 increase weight as you go

E. Leg Extension 

5 x 8-10 super hard contraction at the top

F. Standing Barbell Curls 

3 x 10-12 reps

G.Tricep Rope Pulldown 

3 x 10-12

increase weight as you go


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