Split training allows for a more intense workout of a specific body part, followed by several days of rest before training the same muscle groups again. In addition, it allows the body to lift heavier weights and do more sets. 

If you train at least four times per week, two split training routines will help you build muscle mass and increase strength. 

Lower Body:

A. Squat 

1 x empty bar 

1 x warm up 6-8 reps 

3 x working sets 5-7 reps (20 kg)

B. Dumbbell Backward Alternating Lunges

2 x 15 working sets (1 DB)

1 x 50 bodyweight

C. Bulgarian Split Squat

1 x 15 bodyweight

2 set with triple drop 8, 8, 8 (Example: 12kg, 8kg, 4kg)

D. Seated Hamstring Curls

5 x 8-10 hard hold at the bottom with weight. Increase each set

E. Leg Extension 

5 x 8-10 super hard contraction at the top

F. Abductors 

3 x 20

G. Primal Squat (focus on hamstrings)

2 x 20 hard working sets (limit breaks)

Upper Body:

A. Flat Dumbbell Chest Press  

1 x warm up 6-8 reps 

2 x 12 super slow

2 x 12 controlled both directions 

increase weight if possible 

B. Seated Cable Row

2 x 12 with full stretch into hard hold on the contraction

2 x 10 hard out

1 set with triple drop 8, 8, 8

C. Seated Cable Flyes

3 x 8-10 super hard contraction in the centre

D. Bent Over Row

Body at 45degrees row the bar into groin/hip area

3 x 5-7 working sets

Last set back off 12 reps

E. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 

1 x 15 warm up set 

2 x hard working sets 6-8 reps 

1 x back off set 12 reps (Lower weight)

F. EZ Bar Skullcrusher 

3 x 7-10 Focus on the eccentric part (lowering the weight towards the forehead)

G. Seated Hammer Curls

3 x 10-12reps 

Increase weight as you go 


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