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Whey 100 Cookies & Cream (1 kg)

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Cookies & Cream

Our Whey 100 Cookie & Cream is the ultimate supplement to an already healthy and nutritious diet. Our popular protein powder has been with us ever since we started. It's like a part of our DNA. Bodylab Whey 100 is extracted from cow's milk via modern and gentle filtration processes. Whey 100 consists of a mixture of 100% pure undenatured whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate of the highest quality. Whey protein is known for its versatile amino acid profile, giving the product a wide range of uses.

Compared to many other protein sources, Whey 100 has a very high biological value and contains as much as 22.9% branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), making it an optimal source of extra protein.

Mixing ratio: 30-35 g Whey 100 to 250-300 ml milk / water.

    How to use
    • Whey 100: As a supplement to an already healthy diet, 30-35 grams are taken 1-4 times a day. The powder is mixed with 250-300 ml of milk, water or other liquid. Can also be blended with fresh fruit and juice or milk to make a fresh and tasty smoothie. Take between meals and preferably after training. Store in a dry and cool area. The bag must be closed after use.
    Whey 100 Cookies & Cream (1 kg)
    Whey 100 Cookies & Cream (1 kg)
    Whey 100 Cookies & Cream (1 kg)

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