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Everyone experiences cravings for sweet snacks once in a while, but with our collection of fit lifestyle products, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with our pancake and waffle mix stuffed with great taste and proteins! They provide a nutritious alternative to traditional sweets and serve as a convenient source of protein for everyday life, whether it’s at school, work or anywhere else!
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What is a healthy diet? 

The ideal diet varies from person to person. In general, you can say that a healthy diet nourishes both the body and the mind.
A diet should be flexible, allowing for enjoyment of food and progress toward your physical goals.
A well-structured diet consisting of an adequate calorie intake, higher protein, lots of fruits and veggies, and moderation of indulgences can be a great way to start.

Is exercise more important than nutrition?

Exercise and nutrition goes hand in hand. Neither exercise nor nutrition is more important than the other.
They both play crucial roles in maintaining your overall health.

How important is it to eat breakfast? 

All meals are important when achieving a healthy lifestyle.
Breakfast gives the body essential nutrients and energy to help you kickstart your day in the best way.
Skipping breakfast can lead to making less optimal food choices later in the day.

A fit lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing delicious meals and great taste. Start your day with a high-protein breakfast of protein pancakes or waffles that will give you the energy you need to power through the day! It is easy to mix and quick to prepare which is perfect for busy mornings! Incorporating more protein into your already healthy diet can help muscle growth and muscle recovery.

  • Pancake & Waffle Mix

    The pancake and waffle mix raises the bar for the taste and quality of protein pancakes. The plain and simple mix allows you to easily prepare fluffy protein pancakes and crispy waffles in no time!

    Enjoy delicious high-protein pancakes with minimal sugar and protein content of up to 30%

  • Zero topping

    Indulge a guilt-free and healthy breakfast by adding low-calorie syrup!

    Zero Topping is a skinny syrup made without any added sugar but is filled with a rich and sweet taste to add to your favorite protein pancakes, yogurt, fruit or waffles.